About BMP

The BMP Engineering Division is a privately owned company and part of the Andrew Industries Group. BMP, founded in 1974, now has production facilities in the UK, North America and Asia to support global OEM’s with product and manufacturing solutions.

Filtration, Polyurethane Elastomers, Non-Woven Textiles and Sub-Assembly are core competences within the BMP Engineering Division, serving a broad spectrum of markets:

BMP is a wholly owned subsidiary of Andrew Industries Ltd, a privately owned industrial manufacturing group comprising of three divisions – BMP Engineering, Industrial Materials & Laundry Textiles.

BMP’s Mission is to develop their core technologies of Engineered Textiles and Polyurethane by investing in BMP’s two greatest assets: people and technology.


The BMP division has grown organically through the integration of local manufacturing excellence and support in Europe, North America and Asia. Many global OEM’s have come to rely on the BMP Engineering Division as a source of quality, innovation and technical support.

From small beginnings and one location established in 1974, BMP now has 5 global facilities in:

Accrington (Lancashire, United Kingdom)
Medina (New York, USA)
Johor (Malaysia)
Shenzhen (China)
Juarez (Mexico)

The BMP Engineering Division has the manufacturing capacity and technical capability to deliver on high volume contracts, whilst also developing excellence in material and process innovation.


The BMP Engineering Division is dedicated to exceptional management of quality and environmental standards, with accreditation to:

• QMS (ISO 9000)
• EMS (ISO 14001)
• OHS (OHSAS 18001)

The BMP division has received the Queens Award for Innovation and for International Trade amongst numerous other supplier and trade awards.